Main targets of Azerbaijan’s State Committee on Work with Diaspora revealed

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Feb. 3


Interview with Cahid Ismayiloglu, head of IT and technical supply sector of Department of Propaganda, Information and Analytics of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

We are about to finish the works on the idea “State Committee on Work with Diaspora with one touch”.

The infographic diaspora map was launched by the State Committee on Work with Diaspora in 2018. What was the main purpose in launching this map? Could the Committee achieve the purpose within the past period?

One of the main targets of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora is to establish multidirectional, close relations with the Azerbaijanis living abroad, as well as with the diaspora organizations established by them. As we know, millions of Azerbaijanis are living abroad nowadays.

A new approach to the establishment of diaspora made necessary massive apply of the opportunities of the information and communication technologies to this process.

It is already two years that the State Committee is looking for the ways of applying new innovations, high technologies to the process of establishment of diaspora. The Committee took serious steps in the direction of the formation of the information space, turning it to the shared information environment, and creating national information sources.

We have started from nothing. That’s why, realization of the ideas and presenting concrete product is the very important. “ – Diaspora map” may be a good example. This interactive map covering diaspora organizations was not regarded as a reliable source when it was newly launched.

But now, the data it contains is reliable enough. This platform did not improve gradually, but within a short period of time, and became very reliable source. Of course, technical, innovative, and interactive opportunities of the platform speeded up the process. We could achieve the purposes in this direction.

Please, give us information about the coverage area of the Diaspora map. Generally speaking, what can you say about the statistical indicators for the beginning of 2020?

“Diaspora map” platform gave a ground for the coordination of the diaspora organizations established by the Azerbaijanis on a virtual world. regardless of country of residence, every user may enter the website, get concrete information about the diaspora organizations in that territory, get in touch with them.

Besides, existing organizations may handle information about themselves to the platform admin, and help to update the platform.

The information of this platform is updated every day. That’s why the number of the existing diaspora organizations and countries varies. For example, last year the platform covered 48 countries, but one more country was added to this list this month. Be more exact, an information about the diaspora organization in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was added to the map and automatically the number of the countries reached 49.

Besides the organization of the effective work of the Diasporas, the State Committee also made several innovative novelties to overcome lack of information in this sphere. Infographic diaspora map is one of these novelties. How this map will give impetus to the activity of the Committee?

Collecting, handling, saving, processing of the information, delivering it to the user, and use of IT in this direction covers main part of our work. We overcome the lack of information gradually. The Committee gets information from all corners of the world. This process takes seconds and the result is seen immediately.

We are about to finish the works on the idea “State Committee on Work with Diaspora with one touch”. One can get an access to virtual information space both on the web and mobile app. It will be possible to see the whole activity of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora, and the existing diaspora organizations.

Can infographic diaspora map solve coordination problems among the diaspora organizations functioning in various countries?

The main target of the “Diaspora Map” platform is to give a ground for the coordination of the diaspora organizations on a virtual world.

There was a lack of information among the diaspora organization but we overcame it owing to this platform. The Committee is engaged in enriching opportunities of the platform and speeding up information update and works in this direction.

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