Historical Onomastic Lexicology of the XI Century

A few days ago J.Ismayiloghlu had his book “Historical onomastic lexicology of the XI century” (based on the “Divani-lughat-itturk” work of Mahmud Kashgharli) published. In the book, elegantly published at the “Elm” publishing house the work of Mahmud Kashgharli “Divani lughat-it-turk” has been researched from the standpoint of linguistics. Though J. Ismayiloghlu started from M. Kashgharli the content of the work doesn’t get limited only with materials of Kashgharli’s “Divan”. The author has made the right way by referring to the other sources and the ancient Turkish written monuments of the I millennium and the following ages – “Oghuznames” and “Kutadgu bilik” work of Yusif Balasaqunlu.

Turkish history intentionally and unintentionally has ever been distorted and this process is still going on. There are some people considering Turkish nation young, who supposes and claims that they were established like yesterday or the day before. The results of the author, the facts and proofs he has collected refute the false and wrong “histories”.

J.Ismayiloghlu comes to a conclusion that M.Kashgharli has been able to reanimate Khakhanate turkish language, Chigil and Oghuz languages and besides “…He has given samples from the language and dialects of the Turkish tribes and kins who lived on the Turkish lands stretching from the Byzantine borders all the way to Chinese borders. It is also possible to find information in the book about the places where Turkish people lived, their ethnography, their lives, believes and so on”.

«EURO NEWS», 13 may – 27 may 2009-cu il, səhifə 5; 10.

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